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Location Plan

The location plan should show the planning authority where the site is, clearly indicated by a red border around the property boundary, this should include any land needed for access to the site. If you own any land already on the same plan, this should be coloured blue around its boundary. The plan should have a north indicator and be of A4 in size.

Block/Site Plan

A block/site plan shows exactly where you are intending to develop within the boundaries of a site. You should include any associated new work such as hard surfaces, driveways, walls and fences. The plan should be clear as to what you are proposing and often it is more helpful to your application if you include two plans, one which shows the current site as it is and one that shows how the site will look after the development has taken place. As with location, the plan should include a north indicator and be on A4; however larger developments may require a larger size. 

Yes, our PDF plans are fully compliant with planning authority requirements. 

The cost of our plans varies depending on the size (scale) of the plan you require. Our costs to Ordnance Survey increase with larger map sizes, which we have to pass on to our customers. You will see the exact price of your plan before you are required to purchase and a preview of what you will receive.

Yes, our plans come in PDF format for home users which can be easily printed using your regular printing software. You will need Adobe Reader to open the PDF format or, if you are using Windows 10 they can be opened in the native Windows app or MacOS preview, for users of Apple computers. 

Planning permission is a complex process and planning authorities can reject a planning application for many reasons. If your planning application is rejected and the cause of the rejection is singularly shown to be down to the plan you purchased from ReQuestaPlan and there is a technical issue as to why the plan is wrong, we will work with you to produce a correct plan. Planning applications that are rejected because of user error are unfortunately not covered by this service.

To order a plan simply enter your Postcode and follow the 3 simple steps:

  • Choose Plan – format, scale and orientation
  • Draw Plan – mark your property boundary and outline of any work to be carried out
  • Finalise Plan – enter the name of your plan and who it has been produced for

Once a plan is complete, you can checkout and download it immediately.

Yes, once you have drawn your plan you can select the preview plan icon before paying. This shows the plan as it will be produced in the final output.

We use industry standard encryption to secure all the communications between your computer and our site. Your user information is stored securely in our systems using encryption. Our payment processor is Barclaycard Smart Pay who use similar encryption methods to secure your payment information.


Cookies are small pieces of text data that websites use to remember information about a visitor's interaction with the site. It allows us to customise the experience using ReQuestaPlan which cannot function if you choose to disable them. You can always remove cookies from your browser at any time after you have finished creating your plan.

Our map data is supplied by Ordnance Survey which we cannot alter; for discrepancies in mapping you should contact OS using their help pages

Yes, you can select to download your map in DWG format, which can be used with AutoCAD v19 or newer. If you are using an older version of AutoCAD, we recommend that you also download the free DWG Trueview software from Autodesk. This will allow you to open and resave DWGs as a compatible legacy version. Download DWG Trueview

Please register for an account on ReQuestaPlan and then submit a Professional Account Request Form using the 'Professional' Link in the header on the homepage. We will then set-up a professional account for you. Alternatively, please contact us at

There are many printer manufactures and they produce their own software to print from their printers. ReQuestaPlan cannot offer assistance when users are self-printing, however a list of common items to check are:

  • Ensure your printer is set to print at 100% scale and not to automatically reduce or increase the size of the print job.
  • Ensure you have white, A4 paper loaded in the main tray of your printer
  • Ensure your ink levels are full, this includes colour inks. Even though you may print in black and white, many printers restrict printing if any ink cartridge is empty.
Before purchase

If you realise you have made a mistake, you can return to your map and correct any errors using our drawing software, or re-centre your map to the correct location or even change the location of your map.

After purchase

If you are a registered user and realise you have made a mistake after purchase, you can go to your plans and click on edit. You can add or remove items from the plan but you are unable to alter the scale, format or orientation. There is no charge for this.

If you are a guest user and realise you have made a mistake after purchase, we may consider a refund minus 50%. For more information, please refer to `Non-refundable products` within our Terms and Conditions.

When you have completed payment, you will be presented with a link to download your plan, if this is not working, please check the security settings of your browser or any anti-virus software you may have installed, as these may be preventing the download prompt from appearing or simply blocking the download. We will email you a link to download your plan as well as providing the link after purchase, so you can download your plan from the email. Due to the sheer number of browser, operating systems and anti-virus programs, we are unable to offer individual support.

Go to the ReQuestaPlan website, click Log In, and then click ‘I have forgotten my password,’ we will email you a link to reset your password.

A PDF is a commonly used format for sharing or printing documents. Most computers include a PDF reader, but if not installed, they are freely available from Adobe, or other suppliers for all devices. The PDF you will receive when creating your plan will match as closely as possible what you see on screen.

DWG are a specialised format designed to be used in Computer Aided Design software. The output you will receive for this file format will include the objects drawn on the map, but the format of the text descriptions and titles may be in a different location. If you are not comfortable in editing DWG type files and configuring them into the format you need, you should use the PDF format.

1:2500 maps are only available for professional account users. Please register for an account on ReQuestaPlan and then submit a Professional Account Request Form using the 'Professional' Link in the header on the homepage. We will then set-up a professional account for you. Alternatively, please contact us at

Clearing your local data can help resolve this issue, you can find instructions on how to do this at the Digital Trends website. Once your data has been cleared try re-logging back into ReQuestaPlan and completing your purchase.